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Buy Online Spiced Kahwa Green Tea at best Price | WellWayTea

Spiced Kahwa Green Tea

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  1. All ingredients are of highest quality which makes tea more tasty and healthy.
  2. This tea is made in small bathches as required to maintain the consistency in quality.
  3. It has mesmerising aroma, dark amber liquor and perfectly balanced notes of delightful spices. 
Caffeine : Medium
Time of day : Morning, Afternoon
Description :

Spiced Kahwa tea incorporates powerful ingredients that have been used in India for centuries to safely and effectively deal with various maladies. This detox tea is a unique blend of green tea, rock salt, black pepper, pipli, ginger, citric acid, cardamom, clove, tulsi, cinnamon, licorice, asafoetida, and nutmeg. It has a distinct taste and helps rejuvenate and heal your body. Due to the inclusion of various herbs and spices, Spiced Kahwa Tea is perfect for detoxifying and healing your mind, body, and soul. We've carefully selected only the best and purest ingredients to ensure premium taste and quality. It's an entirely natural and herbal tea and is free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, additives, and caffeine. You can have it hot or cold, and a little bit of honey and sugar can also be added to sweeten the taste if desired. Drinking it every day is a perfect way of promoting your overall well-being. 

Ingredients :

Green Tea, Rock Salt, Black Pepper, Pipli, Ginger, Citric acid, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Licorice, Asafoetida and Nutmeg.

Tasting Notes :

It has bit sour and spicy taste.

Benefits :
  1. It helps to detoxify the body.
  2. It helps in  digestion.
  3. It Improves the immune system of body.
Legal Display Note :

This statements have not been evaluated by food and drug administration of FSSAI. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.

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Brewing method

Take 1tsp approx 2gm of tea Powder

Add 180ml of boiling water at 85°-90° Celsius

Let the tea boil for 2-3 minutes

Strain the brew into mugs and serve hot